Photos by Colorado Photographer Randy Kermoade               

Photos by Randy Kermoade



Stunning Urban Landscapes, Colorado Landscapes, and Lifescapes


noun  gi·clée  \ (ˈ)zhē-¦klā \

plural giclées


1 :a process by which high-quality Archival Gallery prints are produced using an ink-jet printer.



For the Small Area,

Framed Giclee Prints


Not every space needs a

Grande sized Canvas print.


Pick any photo and then choose color and size

for the finished framed print.


Frame Size

8x8    8x10    10x10    11x14    12x12    16x20

The Exact Print size will be determined by the photo.


Photos are printed using the Finest

Archival Luster Paper and Inks


Frames are 1" to 1 3/8 width for smaller photos

Larger widths 2" to 2 1/2"are used for Large prints  >18x24


Most frames are available in both widths.

Scalloped or Coved are limited


Series & Individual


NYNY Subway Cars     5 Shades of Women     Pacific NW Coast     Cascade Mountain Range    Portfolio     Street




Small Frame Styles & Colors

1" to 1-3/8 width

2-Tone Cherry


Satin Black

Blck Step Wedge


Antique Gold

Clear Pine

Antique Silver